Visual Identity & Photos

Our design elements provide a powerful set of tools to help you convey the personality of the campaign. They set the stage for storytelling, and will help you to forge a strong emotional connection with our brand.

The Berkeley Seal

One of the primary identifying marks for Advancement is the Berkeley Seal. Derived from the University of California’s official corporate seal, the Berkeley Seal is the immutable stamp that identifies that our advancement communications represent the university.

Throughout the course of this campaign, the seal will be secondary to the Light the Way logo, but should be included when possible using the following guidelines.


  • Minimum size ⅞” or 80px
  • Minimum space around seal is ⅛ its height.


  • Do not alter or recolor the Berkeley seal.
  • Do not crop, rotate, screen, or obscure the Berkeley Seal.
  • When used in one-color printing, use the “line” version of the Berkeley Seal in Pantone 540 or black.
The Berkeley Seal