Visual Identity & Photos

Our design elements provide a powerful set of tools to help you convey the personality of the campaign. They set the stage for storytelling, and will help you to forge a strong emotional connection with our brand.


The key components of the campaign’s identity — the logo and the seal — should always be handled with consistency to ensure the integrity of the brand. These guidelines will help you apply these elements correctly.

The logo is of vital importance to the campaign identity and should be included on all fundraising communications throughout the campaign using the following guidelines.

Vertical logo without background:

  • Minimum size: 1.5” wide
  • Minimum space around logo is ⅛x its height
LTW Vert Logo with Guides

Vertical logo on a colored background:

  • Minimum size 1.85”
  • Minimum space around logo is ⅛x its height
LTW Vert Logo on Yellow background with guides

Horizontal logo:

  • Minimum size: 2.5” wide
  • Minimum space around logo is ¼x its height
LTW Horiz Logo with Guides

All logos:

  • Do not alter or recolor the logo
  • Do not crop, rotate, screen, or obscure the logo

There are several colorways and configurations available, to make the logo as versatile as possible. More will be added as additional use cases are confirmed.

Light the Way Logos

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